Melbourne Instant Turf Supplier Jerry Guatray from Austral Turf’s Contact Details

Melbourne Instant Turf Supplier Jerry Guatray from Austral Turf’s Contact Details

Sure, just log in to and all our varieties will be on there. It’s quite a good website, I’ve put in as much information as I can so people can have a read of it. There are videos on there, there’s how to take care of your lawn there’s how to water it there’s everything you need to know about grass and if you’ve got anymore questions please give me a call on 0433 037 360.

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Instant Lawn Turf | Why Jerry at Austral Turf Loves This Business

Instant Lawn Turf | Why Jerry at Austral Turf Loves This Business


I am enjoying it. I love the fact that I deliver in the morning, so most people have got their grass by 9 o’clock – 10 o’clock in the morning. I like the fact that I can start work and drive around at 3 in the morning, to make sure that everyone gets their grass by 10 o’clock, I like not being in traffic, it suits me fine. It’s a win win situation, I like not being in traffic and people get their grass early. It works good for everyone. The traffic has gotten a lot worse since I used to drive back then for the contractors and I’m just rapt being in the instant lawn business now and I’ll be doing it for a long time to come.

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Instant Lawn Melbourne – Why This Melbourne Turf Supplier Loves Sapphire® Buffalo Grass So Much

Instant Lawn Melbourne – Why This Melbourne Turf Supplier Loves Sapphire® Buffalo Grass So Much

I love the Sapphire because also now that I’ve used it, I can sell it and tell people first hand what I’ve gone through with my grass and I’m really rapt with it because before Christmas we were that busy I ignored my grass I didn’t water it and we had a bit of a heat wave the grass just turned brown. If  you didn’t know anything about grass you’d think it was dead but I knew about the Sapphire, that they’d tested it in America for 60 days no water so I didn’t panic. We had 2 days of rain and it just came up green again.

So I have no hesitation about people buying this grass because I know it’s going to last and I’ve got it my self and put it through the worst scenario, probably worse than California and you know, 1 rain and the thing’s green again. It’s a really good grass and I haven’t mowed it for 9 months. First hand I know it’s good and I can sell this product easy because I know it’s good. If it wasn’t my private house I’d bring people over, (I’ve got a family so I don’t do it) and show people how proud I am of it :) I don’t do it of course though, because of privacy. If I had it on a farm or something I’d definitely send people out there to have a look but the farms are in Sydney so I can’t do that but It’s a good grass and I’m really rapt with the variety that we sell.

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Instant Lawn Melbourne – Why Jerry at Austral Turf joined the turf industry and loves it so much

Instant Lawn Melbourne – Why Jerry at Austral Turf joined the turf industry and loves it so much

I’ve pretty much worked for myself most of my life, been self employed. I had a few contracts going with some building companies that I was servicing with my trucks and I met a chap called Todd who is the owner of Ozbreed and he’s the breeder of most of these grasses.

We had a chat and he said to me that people are missing out down in Melbourne. They can’t get this grass because it’s only in Sydney, would you be a re-seller in Melbourne for us? I came back to Melbourne and thought about it, spoke to my wife about it and rang Todd and said yeah why not? Let’s give it a go. I like servicing people anyway and keeping everyone happy, I think I’ll be good at it.

So that’s how I got in to it and started part time and now I’ve given up all my other contracts that I used to have and only do the grass now and so I’m right in to it 100%. I was looking at grass at the time myself and that’s how I ran in to Todd just ringing around to all the companies. When I went to Sydney I looked him up and that’s when he asked my if I wanted to do it. I said yeah ok and I asked him why.

He told me why, because he used to have people supplying it down in Melbourne for him and what happened was they got a good contract with Sir Walter so they didn’t want to sell his grass any more and so he wanted some one, an outlet for his grass to be supplied down here. That’s how I came in to the picture and I liked his product and I’m glad I did because I never knew much about this product before I started and now that I’ve been selling it and I’ve been breeding it and I’ve been ordering it. Our growers in Sydney are really good growers, they’re form a Maltese background so they know a bit about growing :) You know, they grew up on the land so I trust them 100% and everything they send down that I order off them is 100% guaranteed really good quality grass.

So I’m really rapt. I really like the variety that Ozbreed have and I’ve already got Sapphire in my house at the moment. Like I said earlier in the interview I’m going to put Empire down for something different around the pool.

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Instant Lawn Melbourne – Where Does Austral Turf Deliver to?

Instant Lawn Melbourne – Where Does Austral Turf Deliver to?

We deliver instant turf to all areas around Melbourne with in a 60km radius. That’s NOT to say we don’t do country it’s just not viable to take small amounts to country because it will cost the people more money than what the grass is worth so we don’t tend to get into it but if someone is ordering a full truck load we can keep the cost down and that way it makes it viable for everyone.


We can deliver the grass no problem so it’s not that we don’t do country it’s that we don’t go out to country for just 1 or 2 pallets for the cost factor. If I’m running a truck up there they’d have to pay for the whole truck to go up there for 2 pallets and sometimes the cost can out-way the grass.

What we do in that scenario is we try and find a local transport company that goes out that way and we work with people, if they can find someone they organize it, if we can find someone we’ll organize it to take the grass up there because you’ll only get charged for 2 pallets because they’ve already filled up the rest of the truck.

So with our side of it if we’ve only got 2 pallets to go to that area the cost is just too great. We try and work with people. We’ve done this before where we’ve sent grass to Bendigo and Shepparton and places like that. We can do it but we don’t actually send our own truck.

We go to Sunbury, Melbourne, we go to Bacchus Marsh and those areas a little bit out of Melbourne, 60kms or so as long as it’s not like 200kms  – 300kms yeah we’ll go there for sure.

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Nara™ Native Turf Vs Empire™ Zoysia – Instant Lawn Turf

Nara™ Native Turf Vs Empire™ Zoysia – Instant Lawn Turf

Nara™ Native Turf and Empire™ Zoysia (EZ Grass) are both fairly similar except that one establishes quicker than the other which gives you a longer time period to install.

I guess the Nara™ would probably hold a better winter colour out of the two and  mowing-wise would probably need a little bit more mowing than the Empire™. The Empire is probably the lowest maintenance grass I know on this planet. The Nara grows a little bit quicker than the Empire but not aggressive growing.

With Nara, because of the dark glacier green it does stand out a lot more than any other grass on the market. Like I said we didn’t have to look at the house number to know where we were going that day we saw it on the front yard.

The Root System

All Zoysias have a deep root system and that’s why they’re more drought tolerant than any other grass on the market so yeah the Nara and Empire root systems are exactly the same just the character of the grass is a little bit different. Empire™ Zoysia is from Brazil and Nara™ Native Turf is native to Australia.


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Native Instant Lawn – Nara™ Native Turf Melbourne

Native Instant Lawn - Nara™ Native Turf Melbourne

Nara™ Zoysia is the only true Australian native turf on the market and as I said earlier a lot of people use the Nara™ turf in their projects because councils will only allow you to use native plants and grasses…

So I sell a fair bit of that to councils and people who work for councils. Nara™ Native Turf establishes quickly, where Empire™ takes a little bit longer because it’s such a slow growing grass. The good thing with the Nara is it has a longer time period to be laid. With Empire you don’t really want to lay it in winter because it’s such a slow establisher, Spring is the best time to put it down.

Spring, Summer and Autumn. With Nara you probably get an extra 3 months of laying it. Obviously you don’t lay it in full winter. You get that extra 3 months to lay it because it’s such a fast establisher, it’ll establish itself and come Spring it’s taking off again. Also Nara Native Turf needs less mowing, has good wear tolerance and has good winter colour compared to couch. A lot of zoysias will lose their colour during winter  but with the Nara it holds a bit better winter colour for longer than the Couch will.

All the Zoysias are salt tolerant so this does get used around the coast a fair bit on council projects and nature strips and it’s also got a beautiful dark green Glacier colour to it which people really love when they look at it. We went to a place last week – he bought it before Christmas – we hadn’t heard from him and then he rang us out of the blue and said we love it, want some more. So when we rocked up there we had a look at his front yard which he’d already done, just as soon as we pull up it stood out from the whole street, it REALLY stood out, we didn’t have to look for the number of his house we just new that was the house we were going to. So that’s the sort of appearance it has, it really is a nice looking grass.

Are there other native instant lawn grasses out there?

This is it! (Nara Native Turf) There might be a couple of others on the market that claim to be native but this is a TRUE Australian native. If you want a native, something that’s been tested and that’s going to do well then this is the only native I’d be going for. It comes in instant turf rolls, it’s quite easy to just pick it up and put it on the ground. You just give it a small kick and it’ll un-roll itself, quite easy to install. Some people do them in slabs but we find if it’s a bit wet or a bit heavy on the day the slabs can tear on you when you’re picking them up. With the rolls all compact you can’t damage the grass when you’re picking it up. You just put it on the ground and then it’s safe there. With the slabs we find that sometimes when it’s wet, when you’re trying to pick up a square that’s 1Metre square it might rip in your hand while you’re walking. We find the rolls are the best.

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Instant Lawn – Empire Zoysia Turf Melbourne

Empire  (Zoysia) is a fine leaf grass, it kind of looks like a bit of a couch because you can mow it really low, like a carpet effect so it’s got that going for it. It’s a very tough grass as well as low maintenance.

The nick name for this grass is EZ grass (easy grass) because it’s so easy to look after. We know people who have got it, we speak to them and they’re rapped in it because they said to me, you know what I never water it, I run my 4 wheel drive over it to get to the back yard sometimes ’cause the wife’s car’s in the way and he says it still looks as good as the day we put it down.

It’s quite a good grass in that way, it’s tough and very low maintenance as well, it’s probably about 30% less mowing than buffalo and our buffalo is already low maintenance and this is 30% less than again. It’s got everything going for it and people love it but the thing with the Empire is you’ve got to realise you’ve got to have the sun light and that’s where the direction your block is facing comes in.

You need to be at least North East, at worst North West so you get a fair bit of the sun during the day and that’ll do fine but if you’re facing South or full East it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to put that in and we tell people that. We don’t want to sell them a grass that’s going to fail on them. We find out where they’re facing and if they’ve got the sun we offer that, it’s a fantastic looking grass, it’s beautiful, it’s easy to look after.

Also with the Empire if you’re on a bit of a hill – because it’s got such a deep root system – what it does is it strengthens the soil up by about 50% so your soil won’t erode or run down if you get a lot of wet weather. It actually holds the ground together. The roots go into the ground and combines with the soil and just holds everything in to place. In America they actually use it on the golf course, not on the tees but on the rough areas they us that grass because it’s such an easy grass to look after. They don’t have to put as much work in to it as the couch so they like that on the golf course.

It is 40 to 50% shade tolerant so like I said as long as you’re facing North East or North West you’ll be right. Where as the couch you really have to facing North to have that sort of grass down because it needs the sun light. So that’s the good thing with the Empire it’s a bit of an all-rounder as well. It’s a nice grass to look at, easy to look after and as long as you fertilize it twice a year you’ve got a good grass.

People who have it love it. We’ve sold so much of it. We’ve got one guy up in Sunbury, he’s bought about 4 lots off us. He’s done his yard in different stages. Every time I go back there he’s rapt, he can’t wait to see me because he’s excited about doing the next project. He’s happy with it, he loves it, it’s a good grass. I’m putting a pool in the back yard, I’m putting Empire around it because it’s going to be a salt chlorinated pool.

The reason I’m putting that in is they use Empire all around the coast in Queensland because it is salt tolerant as well so I’m going to be putting that there. As well as that it’s a finer leaf than the buffalo so I’m thinking on those half warm days I probably want to lay down on the grass to warm up up a bit so I’d like something a bit finer, softer to lay on.

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Which Instant Turf Grass Works In Sun and Shade?

Which Instant Turf Grass Works In Sun and Shade?

The good thing with the Palmetto and the Sapphire soft leaf buffalo grass is that they both can do well in the sun as well as shade and that’s why they are good all-rounder grasses. The safest grass to put down anywhere in your yard because it doesn’t matter what happens…

We’ve had people put another variety down and neighbours that have in have planted trees. Not straight away but a year or so later the trees have really shot up and started shading their block and they have trouble with the grasses they’ve started with because at the start they had the sunlight in there.

If they had put Palmetto or Sapphire in there it wouldn’t have mattered because they can tolerate both sun and shade. That’s another thing, in the new estates we always look at because if your neighbours move in and they want a bit of privacy and they put up Neighbours Be Gone, they can grow pretty high and that’s why this is a good grass to have, an all-rounder.


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Instant Lawn Melbourne – Which Instant Lawn Grass Stays Green In Winter?

Instant Lawn Melbourne – Which Instant Lawn Grass Stays Green In Winter?

You hit the end of Autumn and your lawn is brown for the rest of the year until next spring. You have 6 months of the year where it’s be totally brown, it looks like hay. In this video Melbourne turf grower Jerry Gautray explains which instant lawn stays green in winter…

The Sapphire is not too bad it holds a fairly good winter colour but say for instance you had couch or Kikuyu, the minute you hit the end of Autumn they’d be brown for the rest of the year until next spring. So you’ll have 6 months of the year where it’ll be totally brown, it’ll look like hay.

But with the Palmetto (soft leaf buffalo grass) you won’t get that, it’ll still be green through the winter. So you’ll still have luscious leaves growing because it doesn’t change with the weather and it doesn’t get frost bitten because the leaves can handle the frost on it.

That’s the beauty of the Palmetto, that’s why a lot of people like it. Good winter colour. A lot of people don’t like their lawn being brown in winter so we offer them the Palmetto and go if that’s what you’re looking for then Palmetto is probably ideal.

If you’ve got shade, you want good winter colour and you want a low maintenance lawn then Palmetto’s good. It’s probably a good 4 to 5 mow a year lawn so if you don’t like a lot of maintenance and you want to enjoy the grass rather than become a slave to it then the Palmetto is good in that scenario.

It’s good in any back yard and front yard. We’ve got people who put it in their nature strip as well once they’ve done their front yard so it’s pretty much suited anywhere really.


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