• Soft Leaf Buffalo
  • Fine leaf
  • Medium to dark green colour
  • Can tolerate 60 to 65% shade
  • Low Maintenance
  • Grown in New South Wales
  • None invasive
  • Will grow in moderate shade as well as full sun

Minimum quantity is 30m2



Choosing the right type of lawn grass all comes down to your existing soil type and personal preferences.

Sapphire buffalo grass has a fine texture, so if you want grass without the coarse, scratchy feel, then a Sapphire buffalo lawn is for you.

Bred in Australia, but popular everywhere, Sapphire is the only high performance, fine textured buffalo grass in the world, with a beautiful blue-green colour.

Fertilised in April, it will reward you with a vibrant winter colour as it goes dormant in the colder months.

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