Instant Turf for Melbourne Homes

Keeping your lawn green and lush, without weeds and dead patches, is a full time job for many home owners. There’s mowing, regular watering and fertilising, and after all that care your lawn can still develop a fungal disease or a problem with insects. It can be heartbreaking after dedicating all your spare time to getting and keeping your lawn looking great, only to have it die off in areas or turn yellow.

That’s where instant turf can renew your lawn and bring it back to its former lush, green beauty, and all our buffalo lawn is specially bred for Melbourne’s climate.

Viridian Velvet

Viridian Buffalo grass has a deep root system which makes this variety hardy and drought tolerant ….

Sir Walter

Sir Walter is a soft leaf Buffalo was bred for Melbourne conditions, it is drought tolerant with a …


Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo has a blue green colour, it can tolerate up to 70% shade and is low in maintenance.


Palmetto Buffalo Grass is a tough, soft leaf Buffalo turf variety that is available Australia wide….

The Benefits of Instant Buffalo Lawn

Whether you’re building a new home or you want to improve the garden and outdoor area in your existing home, installing instant turf offers many benefits.

Your new home will look more complete with a beautiful lawn, and you can make use of your new garden almost right away. You’ll also enjoy a cooler and cleaner environment with less dust and erosion.

Your existing home will be instantly improved with extra kerb appeal when you install instant turf. In the warmer months you and your family and friends will be able to relax and kick back in your garden and admire your stunning new buffalo lawn.

Best Grass for Melbourne

At Austral Turf we’re passionate about developing and growing the best buffalo turf for Melbourne’s residents and businesses, so you can enjoy lush, hardwearing instant turf  that is professionally supplied and delivered with expert advice and aftercare.

Call us on +61 433 037 360 or contact us online for estimates or enquiries about your beautiful, new buffalo lawn.