Common Kikuyu Grass in Melbourne

Kikuyu is a popular variety of lawn for both domestic and commercial uses due to its affordable price.


Kikuyu Is a good lawn for a high traffic area for dogs as it can repair itself very quickly during the warmer to hotter months, but it is bad for creeping into your garden beds or up fences as it creeps under the surface as well as on top if it isn’t maintained. In winter it will yellow off in colour as conditions get to cold. Best time to install, September – May, but can be installed all year round.

Finer Leaf

This is a fine leaf grass that can ideally be utilized in commercial applications including sporting ovals, parks and gardens, industrial settings or even for residential applications where there are no garden beds. The nature of the Kikuyu makes it ideal for reducing injuries and falls during sporting activities or where children are concerned, as the lawn is quite soft and springy.


Kikuyu is a vigorous grower and will invade garden beds if not properly maintained. Kikuyu needs to be mown weekly in the summer months to maintain a good appearance. It is characteristic by poor growth in shaded areas, but can tolerate partial shade.

Young kikuyu holds its winter colour, but older lawns turn brown in winter especially in mild frost areas. It can get spongy

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