Palmetto Buffalo Grass in Melbourne

Minimum order for delivery 30m2

Palmetto buffalo grass is a tough, soft leaf buffalo turf variety that is available Australia wide.

It’s one of the most popular buffalo grasses worldwide because of its ability to look great with very little maintenance.

This turf provides an instant lawn in Melbourne with good winter colour and can generally out-compete weeds when established. Palmetto buffalo grass generally requires less watering and less mowing than some other varieties and is available in rolls as well as slabs.

Palmetto Turf Performance in Melbourne

People want a lawn that they can simply mow, water, fertilise once or twice a year, and above all, enjoy its soft feel and stunning looks. Palmetto buffalo turf provides a great looking lawn with minimal fuss. It can be used in residential or commercial properties, and it’s perfect for large landscaping projects.

With Melbourne’s famous nickname, Four Seasons in One Day, Palmetto grass can take any kind of weather including heat, cold and drought. It’s also disease-resistant giving you even less to worry about and more time to admire your new buffalo lawn.

Other Benefits of Palmetto Buffalo Turf

As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Palmetto already, here are more benefits you’ll enjoy when you install palmetto instant turf.

It’s generally more shade tolerant than many other Buffalo’s, making it ideal large areas with a mix of sunlight and shade.

Some buffalo grasses thrive so well that they can get away from you and invade neighbouring areas. Palmetto is easily contained using a lawn edger, and can be removed quickly from garden beds if necessary.

Palmetto is also a low allergy grass so it’s great for the kids in residential gardens or large public spaces where people gather for outdoor fun.

Turf Suppliers Melbourne

At Austral Turf we’re passionate about developing and growing the best buffalo turf for Melbourne’s residents and businesses, so you can enjoy lush, hardwearing instant turf  that is professionally supplied and delivered with expert advice and aftercare.

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