Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo

Minimum order for delivery 30m2

Choosing the right type of lawn grass all comes down to your existing soil type and personal preferences.

Sapphire buffalo grass has a fine texture, so if you want grass without the coarse, scratchy feel, then a Sapphire buffalo lawn is for you.

Bred in Australia, but popular everywhere, Sapphire is the only high performance, fine textured buffalo grass in the world, with a beautiful blue-green colour.

Fertilised in April, it will reward you with a vibrant winter colour as it goes dormant in the colder months.

Low Maintenance Sapphire Buffalo Turf

With a high maintenance look, Sapphire buffalo grass is surprisingly low maintenance and can tolerate up to 70 % shade.

Its tight mat means weeds have little chance of getting through, and it spreads rapidly across the ground to cover bare patches. It’s also less prone developing thatch so it’s not as spongy as some other buffalo turf.

High Performance Sapphire Buffalo Lawn

Sapphire buffalo lawn is drought, salt and disease resistant, and can take any weather Melbourne can dish out, including light frost.

It has a deep root system and with good winter rainfall it often only needs watering in the warmer months. Unless the weather is very dry and hot, you can give your Sapphire buffalo turf a good deep watering every couple of weeks and it will continue to look lush and beautiful.

Sapphire is also a low allergenic grass with less seed head, making it the perfect all-rounder for residential and commercial use.

The fine appearance of Sapphire lawn is because the mature leaf folds back giving a softer, more luxurious look.

Turf Suppliers Melbourne

At Austral Turf we’re passionate about developing and growing the best buffalo turf for Melbourne’s residents and businesses, so you can enjoy lush, hardwearing instant turf  that is professionally supplied and delivered with expert advice and aftercare.

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