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Viridian Velvet buffalo is the best soft leaf buffalo variety on the market. With its fine soft texture it’s well known for keeping its outstanding vibrant green colour in both winter and summer.

Viridian Velvet buffalo grass has a deep root system which makes this variety hardy and drought tolerant, it is also low maintenance which means less mowing.

It performs well in the sun, yet thrives in shaded areas where other grasses fail, and it can tolerate up to 80% shade. Once installed it has the ability to establish quickly and is excellent at out-competing weeds.

This high performance buffalo grass has rapid growth across the ground with a tight matting system and runners that are fast and highly branching enabling your lawn to cope well with high traffic situations.

Viridian Velvet soft leaf buffalo turf produces less seed heads, which means it’s low allergenic, and suitable for those with air-borne allergies.

Children and pet friendly, with a soft luxurious feel, Viridian Velvet is the perfect choice for young families, and has a colour like no other lawn on the market. Its stunning bright vibrant green colour will enhance the look and value of your home and make you the envy of your neighbours.

Best Grass for Melbourne

With Melbourne’s changeable climate of cool to cold winters and mild to hot summers, Viridian Velvet is a superior buffalo grass that is the ideal choice for any residential or commercial application, especially large parks and ovals with a mix of sun and shade.

It performs well in any weather conditions, and its luscious green colour will have other people thinking you’ve put a lot of work and effort into maintaining it, when, in fact, once it’s established it requires only basic care.

Turf Suppliers Melbourne

At Austral Turf we’re passionate about developing and growing the best buffalo turf for Melbourne’s residents and businesses, so you can enjoy lush, hardwearing instant turf  that is professionally supplied and delivered with expert advice and aftercare.

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