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Viridian Buffalo is our best soft leaf Buffalo variety on the market with its fine soft texture and is well known for keeping its outstanding vibrant green colour in both winter and summer.

Viridian Buffalo grass has a deep root system which makes this variety hardy and drought tolerant, it is also low in maintenance which means less mowing.

Viridian Buffalo grass performs well in the sun, yet thrives in shaded areas where other grasses fail. Viridian buffalo grass can tolerate up to 75% shade, and it has the ability to establish quickly and is excellent at out competing weeds.

Viridian Buffalo is a high performance grass that has rapid growth across the ground and has a tight matting system with runners that are fast and highly branching, this allows your lawn to cope well with high traffic situations.

Viridian soft leaf Buffalo produces less seed heads, which makes this buffalo low allergenic, which means less Allergies.

Viridian Buffalo grass is very soft for your children to have fun on and is also pet friendly.

Viridian soft leaf Buffalo has a colour like no other lawn on the market, it is truly amazing and it has a bright vibrant green colour that even your neighbors will admire and your home will become the Envy of your street.

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