Winter Green Couch

Minimum order 1000m2

Jobs over  1000m2, fully supplied and installed from as low as $8.15m2 .

Over  2000m2 , fully supplied and installed from as low as $7.80m2 .


Winter Green Couch is a hardy couch lawn. It has a finer leaf and forms a thicker mat. Looks similar to Greenless Park  Couch.

Characterised by its lush colour, its higher density performs well in high traffic areas.

Winter Green Couch is also tolerant under medium shade.

A beautiful lawn for all temperature zones, Australia Wide.

Throughout the summer months, Winter Green Couch will perform well in most locations and take on a lush appearance. It does however require higher maintenance when compared to other varieties.

Finer Leaf

Winter Green Couch is a hybrid green couch developed in Australia. Has high colour retention throughout the cold winter months with a fine & dense foliage. When used in the right situations, it makes a wonderful lawn.

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